Window cleaning – Tradition vs. Technology

Traditionally windows were cleaned with a simple solution, a bucket of water and a cloth. It wasn’t until the construction boom in 1800’s that the demand for window cleaners came into fruition and the window cleaning industry was born.

Window Cleaning There were very little commercial products on the market and sometimes vinegar would be used to remove grease and add shine to the window panes. In the early 1900’s the squeegee was developed and it remained a staple window cleaning tool until the late 1930’s when the modern day squeegee was invented, a tool still used and preferred by many traditional window cleaners.

Window Cleaning As 21st century architecture evolved and buildings became taller utilising more glass in their design a new approach to window cleaning was required. Water fed pole cleaning systems, mobile elevated platforms and abseil cleaning methods were introduced, these methods are a quicker and safer way to clean windows and have been adopted by many window cleaning companies.

At CG Cleaning Ltd our highly trained window cleaning operatives use traditional and new window cleaning technology accompanied with top quality window cleaning products. A dedicated account manager will evaluate the site requirements and advise which window cleaning method is suited to the application as well as factoring the client’s individual requirements.

For more information on our Commercial Window cleaning services or to obtain a free no obligation quote contact the team at CG Cleaning Ltd Today! 0800 0831909 |

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