CG Cleaning Ltd Newest Team Members

CG Cleaning Ltd have a deep understanding of the industry and we pride ourselves on only employing the very best, highly skilled and experienced professionals, from our internal team to our external operatives. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our newest team members.

Ryan Greenhalgh joins CG Cleaning Ltd in the role of Area Supervisor. Ryan will be supervising teams and contracts throughout the Salford area. Ryan has over 10 years experience within the industry with a number of cleaning contractors.

Jason Neary joins CG Cleaning Ltd in the role of Area Manager. Jason will be managing sites/contracts to the North West. Jason has several years experience within the industry, specialising in the retail, office and school cleaning sectors.

Our new managers have extensive industry experience, so we consider them an appropriate choice of representative for our highly valued clients. Should you wish to contact CG Cleaning Ltd to discuss ongoing quotations, set an introduction meeting or enquire on our products and services, please contact  0800 083 1909 |

CG Cleaning Ltd are always looking to add to their already successful team, if you are interested in a position at CG Cleaning Ltd please send your CV to

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