5 Reasons to hire an office cleaner

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The average number of hours we spend in the office is increasing, in this digital age office workers are spending more and more time chained to their desks! The responsibility of keeping the working environment clean, hygienic and a pleasant place to be falls to the business owner.

Whilst some work places rely on employees to keep the office clean and tidy, hiring a professional office cleaner can save your business time and money, let your staff concentrate on the job your hired them for and leave the dirty work to CG Cleaning Ltd.

Here are 5 reasons why every business should hire a professional office cleaning service:

Health and Wellbeing

Illness caused by an unhygienic work place can cost an employer dearly when staff members continually take time off sick. Reducing the build up of dirt and bacterial will actively stop the spread of germs. In our experience business’s who maintain a healthy, clean and happy work place see an increase in productivity.

First Impressions

The cleanliness of your work space is a clear reflection of your business. Showing potential clients around an untidy office could be detrimental, remember first impressions always count. A professional clean environment will positively influence your business’s reputation.

Cleaning, Cleaning EquipmentCost Saving

If you take the decision to directly hire an office cleaner you will need to spend further time and money managing another member of staff. Let CG Cleaning Ltd worry about the hiring and management of cleaning operatives. We will assign you a dedicated account manager who will communicate all your requirements directly to our cleaning operatives.

Tailored Made Contracts

We recognise that all our customers are individuals and have a varied range of requirements. We can design an office cleaning contract to suit your exact circumstances, from solo operatives, cleaning crews to out of hour’s services. The correct cleaning contract can also help to clearly define your annual cleaning budget.

Professional Service

All of CG Cleaning Ltd operatives are highly skilled with time served industry experience and are fully qualified. We support our staff with continuous training to improve on their already extensive skill set, from specialised equipment use to product training.

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