Office Germs – The Dirty Truth

Just how dirty is your office? Although the desks may be tidy and the bins are emptied regularly this doesn’t mean that the office is clean! Hidden germs and bacteria are the main cause of workplace illness, resulting in employee absences and business downtime. Germs lurk in plain sight; here’s is a list of the office top germ hot spots.


Phones are one of the most contaminated items in any office, by sharing phones handsets you have a higher risk of becoming infected with other people’s germs.

Keyboard and Mouse

Working lunches are becoming the norm with most of us eating lunch at our desks, keyboards and mouse equipment can contain around 7,500 germs.

Door Handles

Door handles are one of the most touched surfaces in the office and the main contributor to the spread of viruses.


Left and forgotten lunches, out of date or rotten food can be a breeding ground for bacteria. A typical office fridge contains over 7,800 germs.


Meeting and greeting visitors, sharing office supplies and relaxing in communal breakout areas contribute to the spread of germs.

Relying on staff to clean the office isn’t always best practice as everyone has different standards of cleanliness and methods of cleaning. Introducing antibacterial soap and hand gel to bathrooms and communal areas along with cleaning the areas with high quality antibacterial products can reduce transfer of germs.

Hiring a CG Cleaning Ltd office cleaner will give you peace of mind that office germs will be eradicated using tried and tested cleaning methods and products, carried out by trained CG Cleaning Ltd professionals to a high standard.

At CG Cleaning Ltd we recognise that all our customers are individuals and have a varied range of requirements. We can design an office cleaning contract to suit your exact circumstances, from solo operatives, cleaning crews to out of hour’s services. The correct cleaning contract can also help to clearly define your annual cleaning budget.

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