CG Cleaning Limited – Frequently Asked Questions

CG Cleaning Limited has over 20 year’s experience of delivering a professional, value for money approach to cleaning services. Our approach is to treat our clients as individuals our services can be tailored to meet our clients exact requirements.

To assist customers old and new, below you will find the answers to the questions we get asked the most:

Do you carry out risk assessments?

We conduct full risk assessments and incorporate method statements to ensure that our clients understand the level of risks and the methods that will be used to complete our cleaning tasks.

Which accreditation’s do you have?

CG Cleaning Limited holds full and up to date CHAS accreditation.

Do you have liability insurance?

CG Cleaning Limited has in place the correct insurance by industry standards to protect our clients, staff and the general public.

Are your operatives security cleared?

CG Cleaning Limited security checks all operatives to national enhanced DBS standards.

Which window cleaning methods do you use?

We use traditional cleaning methods as well as embracing new window cleaning technologies, these include rope abseil, reach and wash and mobile elevated platforms.

Do you carry out deep cleaning services?

Yes, CG Cleaning Limited carries our both internal and external deep cleaning services. Read about our deep cleaning services here, External and Internal.

How often should my windows be cleaned?

Following a full consultation with a CG Cleaning Ltd project manager we will advise how often to schedule a window clean, read how we determine how often windows should be cleaned, here.

Do you clean internal windows?

Yes, we carry out internal window cleaning as well as external window cleaning services. We use traditional cleaning methods internally to reduce any risk to staff and minimal disruption to business operation.

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Commercial Spring Cleaning

As we officially enter into spring, many of us spring clean our homes why not treat your business to the same level of spring cleaning? A one off deep clean is recommended once a year in addition to regular cleaning.

Spring Cleaning

Deep cleaning is proposed to focus on areas which although are regularly cleaned, need intensive cleaning to maintain a high level of germ control. Particular attention is paid to communal staff break out areas , kitchens, bathrooms, floor coverings, desks and personal equipment.  

The benefits of keeping the office clean and orderly will improve not only staff morale and productivity but will also reduce risk of germs and infections leading to fewer staff absentees. Business lose on average over 7.2 work days per employee to sick days each year, the most common reason for a sick day is coughs, colds and flu like symptoms. A clean environment helps promote better health reducing the risk of viruses, asthmas and colds.

CG Cleaning Ltd have been providing deep cleaning services to business in the North West of England for over 20 years, using highly trained professionals, specialist cleaning equipment and products.

Not only do CG Cleaning Ltd offer expert internal deep cleaning services they are also able to provide external deep cleaning services to remove the traces of the harsh winter months from the outside of your business. Read more on our external deep cleaning service here.    

Ideally hygienic spring cleaning should be included into a regular cleaning plean and carrier out on an annual basis.

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How often should your windows be cleaned?

There is not set formula as to how often windows should be cleaned, however there are contributing factors that will help when deciding how frequently windows are cleaned. Environmental conditions and business activity are the main influencing aspects in the decision-making process.

Environmental factors like weather, pollution and location all contribute to the regularity of windows cleaning.  The North West of England sees on average 17% more rainfall per annum than southern regions, rainwater contains mineral deposits which create smears and smudges on all types of glass. City and town centre-based businesses are exposed to higher levels of traffic and air pollution which leaves dust and dirt to the exterior of any building and more notably on glass.

Business activity can determine how often a window clean is scheduled. If your windows are the shop front to your business, they need to be sparkling! Working in the retail and leisure industry where high level of customer footfall can also impact on the level of maintenance required. Medical, hospital and the care industry will require a different maintenance schedule to office and commercial buildings. 

how often windows should be cleaned

CG Cleaning Ltd have been providing commercial window cleaning services across the North West of England for the past 20 years, during this time our project managers have gained the knowledge and experience to confidently advise the right maintenance schedule to suit not only your business but also your budget by taking all the above calculating factors into account.

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